Sir Wadsworth returns!

2015-01-15 17:35:57 by Brown-Pants

It's that time again to join me for the continuation of Sir Wadsworth's grand adventure!


Frayed Animation now has a lovely print shop where youll find an assortment of t-shirts prints and even pillows!


Thoughts on both wadsworth and the print selection are always greatly appreciated!

Well folks grab your fanciest attire and settle in for another episode of Simples. 



Frayed has got a Facebook

2014-11-05 17:20:29 by Brown-Pants

Well lovely people, I've created a facebook page for Frayed Animation. I'm primarily going to be using it for doing production updates talking about projects im undertaking etc.

It would really mean a lot if all you lovely people could head on over and give it a like. I'm going to try and post often and keep everyone up to date with what im working on! You can find the facebook page here:

As for stuff I'm actually working on Wadsworth episode 2 is now nearing completion and the awesome Flodwrana will once again and I cant wait to get it out there and see what you guys think.

For now I'll leave you guys with a little sneak peek of the new episode with this spooky skeleton from the new wadsworth.




2014-10-31 19:12:51 by Brown-Pants

Well It's the spookiest time of year again and Flodwrana and myself have collaborated on a new cartoon together. I present to all of your lovely faces: NIGHTMARE 



Also Here is a dumb gif i made earlier this week.


I'm also trying to get more active on tumblr again so if youre into that follow me here:



Game Of Groans: The Trial

2014-09-25 15:26:03 by Brown-Pants

New cartoon just released, about your ol' pal Tywin from Game of Thrones.




2014-09-14 19:18:44 by Brown-Pants

The sequel to the ever so revered Studi cartoon that I helped create with Spicybackpain is well on It's way.

If you've yet to watch the original STUDI then check that out here: STUDI

Here is a character I created for the new STUDI installment.



Simples: A new series

2014-08-10 03:40:39 by Brown-Pants

Well folks I've just wrapped up animating the first episode of a new series I've come up with in an endeavour to get out more content faster. It's a series called simples which will be short animations about a minute long each with very simple animation and artwork. However I dont consider to look at all half done or crappy. Just sort of a light version of what I would normally do. I've also got my good friend Flodwrana working on sound and Music for me. If you haven't heard his music you should check that out here on newgrounds too

This first episode is centered around two astronauts discussing something that they would like to try out. I think It's pretty tongue in cheek and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Ah yes, and I've also written up a second episode for Sir Wadsworth which will in all likelyhood be coming out next month. If you haven't watched the first episode out and would like to you can check that out here:

So for now I'll give you guys a screenshot of the new short and it will be out next week!


Things are a changing

2013-11-27 03:18:03 by Brown-Pants

So I've been rather quiet, not only on Newgrounds but just on the internet in general. Thats about to change...

Im planning on releasing an animation every month, i really need to get my butt in gear and start posting all the things ive been making! Not only that but ive created a new personal brand. So from now on anything i release will be under the handle "Frayed Animation" I'm pretty excited about it.

So from here on in expect much more from me in the coming months.

For now I've finished up an animation that took about 8 or 9 hours to do with audio. I call it BALL.

Enjoy folks!

Things are a changing